Where to Eat in Bali

Alex Block Travels, Jan 2018

Last couple of years food scene in Bali has changed dramatically. With the help of Instagram it became one of the major sights and obligatory part of your stay in Bali. Pink coffee and smoothie bowls along with beautiful tropical designed places are the major and most pretty images of food here. No need to go the regular food places anymore, there are way more options of places, that are perfectly suited for the modern style travellers. Bali now is not about drinking: it’s about healthy lifestyle.

Local food in Bali is not very popular among foreigners to be honest. Thought I personally like Indonesian food, but many people don’t like it too much. That was probably the main reason why so many good and modern places were opened. Though most of the places looks really fancy, the average price for the heathy smoothie bowl is less than 5$.

I’m usually fine with honest and tasty local food, but here in Bali i couldn’t stop myself from exploring modern food places. It was a big part of  good time here. They are beautiful, tasty and healthy! Each day i visited new place and got a perfect opinion which one are the best. Month in Bali was great amount of time to try lots of different food options. In this article i will tell you more about great, most beautiful and tasty places to eat in Bali.

The Island’s Italian: “Timo” Bottega Italiana

If you feel that you miss some classical Italian food while on Bali or simply need your daily glass of wine with prosciutto and cheese, than Bottega Italiana is a place for you. Fresh and tasty food, fresh made pasta with good sauces, relaxed ambiance, beautiful interior and great service makes this place a special one. I love how they serve food in a trendy and beautiful way, i love the combination of modern light design and some Italian elements like obligatory big table (still there are small one’s too) and it’s a place where you want to stay for a while.